The Drag Race to Neptune

The early split on Leg #2 from Lisbon to Cape Town going east to west showed confidence in an alternate route rather than the usual trade winds.

Although every Volvo Ocean Race Boat went west, many virtual sailors headed east down the African coast.

Major gains are being made in the east as a strong flow presses the fleet towards the Sengal doldrums.

The western fleet got a big break with increased wind pressure and reduced wind shadow behind Cape Verde.  It been a port side beam reach of around 100 degrees almost directly south for days!

The rubber is on the road as this drag race enters day 5! 

Check the Live Stream for constant racing action and updates! 

Game Until We Drop

It’s the brand new launch of the Oshaggy MC Gaming website!  You can enjoy all of Oshaggy’s games, adventures, advice, and general musings right here, in just one place!

Check out the latest episode of MineWind: Episode 10 The Penitentiary

I’ll also be posting showcases of builds and free play on other various Minecraft servers I have been spending some time on.

I’ve also dedicated a page to tutorials of my builds that needed to be broken down and general gameplay mechanics or quirks that I’ve learned to exploit over time playing Minecraft.

Not to mention, this is also a home for some of the other games that I’ve been playing, like the Volvo Ocean Race, City Skylines, Medieval Warfare, Rust, Trine, Gang Beasts, and more…

Say hello, say goodbye, just say something!