Episode 2 – Shaggyville Reaches 100k

Thanks for clicking. I’ve reached 100,000 population now!

The city is sprawling and ready to get super sized! In this episode I zone up the rest of my oil resources, and plot out the remaining residential areas on the tiles that I have.

In other news, what has been long overdue, is that the city has been renamed from Springfield to Shaggyville!

Leg 6 – Back On Track

Finally I have gotten back on track to Newport.  After a serious collision with the Fernando de Noronha’s and some lazy corrections, I’m pointed in the right direction and fighting to get farther north into favorable winds.

vvor leg 6 back on track

The rest of the fleet is plowing Northwards with Gabi1-06 currently in the lead and they look to be within 48-72 hours of the finish.  I’ll be out here a while yet, say hello to the little Shaggster’s at home for me!

vvor leg 6 fleet race

See you in Newport!

Leg 6 – Hello, Fernando de Noronha!

I can’t believe I ran aground.  I saw the islands yesterday when I placed my tack to avoid them, and then I updated my course to catch some better wind last night. Little did I know my course would lead me straight into the islands I sought to avoid!

The rest of the fleet is far ahead and set to finish in the next 48 hours.   I’ll be lucky to put in a finish before the reset for leg 7.

There is no sign of my nemesis, Inquietjg, as I know he’s pushed on ahead.  I am close to a past competitor, Ginger Girl, who looks like she will be my benchmark for racing the rest of this leg.

vvor  leg 5 aground fernando

Leg 6 – Itajaí to Newport

Things aren’t going any better on this leg either.  After my DNF on Leg 5, i haven’t been checking in as frequently.  It looks like I’ve made only 5 tacks since the start of the leg and currently placed in 45,828th!

leg 6 Itajaí to Newport

It’s still a long haul to Newport and anything can happen, I’m counting on it!

Leg 5 – Auckland to Itajaí

I skipped all of posting about Leg 5 after a horrible early noob loss trying to use the free TWA and so I embarked on an experiment going  far north to avoid a bout of southern doldrums.  Of course, sailing near the Tropic of Capricorn was a bad idea, and although I came across the Southern Pacific without loss in my crossing group, I was still a good 5 sets of trade winds behind the leaders.

Let’s just say I’m not going to AFK with TWA on again!

Unfortunately I was just under 24 hours to the finish and around 32,000th place when the race reset in preparation for Leg 6.

My first DNF.


Episode 10 The Penitentiary

It’s apparent that the time doesn’t often fit the crime.  Well all that’s going to change at the SeaDogs castle and penitentiary.

It’s been a long time coming that these offenders had proper supervision and a rehabilitation center.  Ever since I’ve been flooded with the responsibility to house them, I made a penitentiary.

This facility boasts a solid construction of over 1100 iron blocks and 300 iron bars.  Fitted with state of the art security features such as, levers, black glass, and well, faith in inherent goodness of all our Zombie Pigmen, server-wide.

Join me as Warden LavaCyclops and I initiate the new prisoners to the system, assign cells, bunk mates, and lock this joint down.

Will it be enough to rehabilitate our Nether Brothers?

Stay tuned for another episode of Oshaggy[SeaDogs] @ Minewind!

Episode 9 – Horse Racing At The Castle

A quick update on the completion and new additions to the castle interior.  I’ve added an enchanting room, alchemy room, wood working room, sitting room, map room, and iron foundry.  There’s a few secrets behind the walls that I’ll give away in another update regarding security.

Did I forget to mention the horse racing track?  The foundations are laid and track testing has begun!  It’s a long term project of mine to automate it with redstone and have some kind of race timer.

At this point, it’s ready for some, good old honest racing!

Next up will be some clan base updates and a new preview of the up and running iron farm in another update again soon.

Episode 7 – Trophy Room – 840 Diamond Block Ceiling

A quick update on the new “Trophy Hall” and the completion of the 840 diamond block ceiling. I need a few more sea lanterns to round out the lighting and will add some final touchs to it later. That’s 13.1 stacks of diamond blocks this ceiling took to create.

There is a significant amount of gold blocks, lapis lazuli blocks, redstone blocks, quartz pillars, quartz stairs and glass in this design.

A big thanks to KingEz for providing the first clan banner for the hall. I hope to also obtain many other clan banners to hang in the hall.

There is more work to be done on the walls, with some kind of final pattern design, and upon completion, it’s time to place the heads and dragon eggs.

Stay tuned for opening of Oshaggy’s “Trophy Hall”.

Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/oshaggymc