Don’t Miss The Bus

There are mind numbing decisions happening all across the fleet as the Southern Hemisphere welcomes us into its arms and pits.

For the western group, it’s looking more and more like it all comes down to making that departure window much farther south than anticipated.  It doesn’t look like there’s any short cuts ahead, so don’t miss the bus!

Volvo Ocean Race has some great insights into the weather ahead and up to date information and interviews with everyone involved.  Check out the latest Daily Live:

The eastern group has some tough decisions ahead (I note, just as Nessalg makes a port tack for the mid-Atlantic) on the heels of some nail biting and incredible forward progress.   Is there enough breeze to stay on the train, or will they take their chances beating  hard to wind to Cape Town?

It’s been incredibly quick sailing across the equator easily maintaining a southward port-side broad reach since nearly the start of the leg.

It’s been a struggle without the Code 0 to keep up with the pack at times as I’m missing an extra quarter knot or so of boat speed on every beam reach.  Serves me right for choosing the light wind package on an Atlantic crossing!