Leg #3 – The Squeeze

I got caught in shifting wind patterns trying to sail straight down the middle.  The leaders of the fleet went North East along the coast and were lifted, pushing me back into the 30k+ range.

I then had a good rounding off the southern tip of India and Sri Lanka.  A quick jaunt over to the Straight of Malacca, all the while, I climbed positions, 29k, 28k.

vvor leg 3 singapore

Then came the squeeze through the Singapore Straight.  The winds were favorable and lifted me directly to the straight.  Timing was critical for navigating through the straight, and a very loud alarm clock awoke me in the early dawn hours, just in time to tack.

I’ve climbed to 26,500 and am gaining a couple hundred more positions every 10 minutes or so as the straight attrits the sleepy heads.