Episode 10 The Penitentiary

It’s apparent that the time doesn’t often fit the crime.  Well all that’s going to change at the SeaDogs castle and penitentiary.

It’s been a long time coming that these offenders had proper supervision and a rehabilitation center.  Ever since I’ve been flooded with the responsibility to house them, I made a penitentiary.

This facility boasts a solid construction of over 1100 iron blocks and 300 iron bars.  Fitted with state of the art security features such as, levers, black glass, and well, faith in inherent goodness of all our Zombie Pigmen, server-wide.

Join me as Warden LavaCyclops and I initiate the new prisoners to the system, assign cells, bunk mates, and lock this joint down.

Will it be enough to rehabilitate our Nether Brothers?

Stay tuned for another episode of Oshaggy[SeaDogs] @ Minewind!

Episode 9 – Horse Racing At The Castle

A quick update on the completion and new additions to the castle interior.  I’ve added an enchanting room, alchemy room, wood working room, sitting room, map room, and iron foundry.  There’s a few secrets behind the walls that I’ll give away in another update regarding security.

Did I forget to mention the horse racing track?  The foundations are laid and track testing has begun!  It’s a long term project of mine to automate it with redstone and have some kind of race timer.

At this point, it’s ready for some, good old honest racing!

Next up will be some clan base updates and a new preview of the up and running iron farm in another update again soon.