3rd Place – 23.074

This became a legitimate race with 4 drivers.  Had the pleasure of racing my buddy “ruquick” for the first time.

I placed 3rd overall with an improved time of 23.074 over my previous record of 25.056 shaving nearly 2 seconds off my previous lap times.

For the first time race at Fast Track, “ruquick” came out 4th with a time of 23.545, less than 1/2 a second off my polished time of 23.074.

Car #6 felt grippy and mechanically solid in the corners and straight-aways.  This was definitely a nice car to have and was fast on the track.

3rd place
Car #6:oshaggy

23.074 <– Fastest

Fast Track Indoor Kart Racing

A New Series Begins

kart trackO’Shaggy does real life too!

Shaggy is racing at Fast Track Go Karts in Langely, B.C.  Their carts are well maintained and equalized in a short indoor course that can reach speeds of up to 75km/hr. At 200cc, the SODI RT 8 go karts provide a great experience through a challenging race course.

Course Features

  • 12 high speed and technical corners
  • Wide track for passing
  • Fast and Long Straightaways
  • 1236ft long
  • Go Kart Approved High Impact Safety Barriers

Kart Features

  • PSS double side rail in chrome-molybdenum steel framework equipped with three bearings.
  • Black plastic floor covering the tank.
  • Machined and strengthened aluminium rims.
  • Machined wheel hubs.
  • Flexible nylon connecting rods.
  • High-strength aluminium steering column clamp , machined from a single piece.
  • New High elasticity limit steel three spoke Sodi steering wheel.
  • Ergonomic adjustable polyethylene reinforced bucket seat.
  • Fully adjustable pedal (size and length of legs).
  • Self adjusting hydraulic brakes from automotive technology.
  • Eleven litre Sodikart tank (even thickness, integrated hoses and gasoline return routing).
  • Vacuum fuel pump.
  • Integrated drilled engine (lowered centre of gravity).
  • Composite material rear sprocket optimized for quick disassembly.
  • RS “long life” belt transmission.
  • Shock and abrasion resistant protection and body.
  • Engine cover designed to cover rotating and hot parts, whatever the position of the bucket seat.


1st Place – 25.056

The only reason I won this race is because there was no other drivers on the track!

Car #4 was loose in the corners and felt less grippy than other cars.  Steering was twitch and leaned a little to the left need

1st place
Car #4:oshaggy

1 26.719
2 26.682
3 26.176
4 26.942
6 27.414
6 26.664
7 26.277
8 25.464
9 26.608
10 25.1
11 25.182
12 26.397
13 26.688
14 25.175
15 26.468
16 25.056 <— fastest
17 25.195

Avg 25.648

Realm of Asgard – Basketball Game #1

In this showcase I present, The Inaugural “Realm of Asgard – Basketball Games”.  Game #1, LavaCyclops vs O’Shaggy in the “Battle of the Basket”, turned out to be an eventful evening!

With the state-of-the-art, new stadium construction complete, fans attended from from and wide, to a near capacity event!  There were zombies, skeletons, creepers, witches, and even the odd enderman showed up to watch the first two teams compete.

The game wasn’t without it’s scrapes and bruises, but the teams pulled through and are gearing up for round #2!

Watch the entire game live on MCTV or just catch the highlights here!